Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tour Italy in a Ferrari with Vantage World Travel

Vantage World Travel is offering a unique way to tour Italy: at the wheel of a Ferrari. Relish the full mesmerizing roar of the engine, the finely tuned suspension, and the sheer glory of being in control of one of the most beautiful cars.

From the majesty of the Colosseum in Rome to tiny hill-top villages deep in the countryside, Italy offers a spellbinding trail for everyone who values beautiful works of art created by human hands. From behind the wheel, take in the dramatic cliffs and beaches of the coastline and the sweeping hills and valleys. Stroll through the ancient streets of Rome and dine in one of Italy’s most magnificent restaurants in Florence. Breathe the scent of olives as you sweep through the rolling Tuscan hills. It is an unforgettable adventure.

Contact God's Girl 2 Travel to book this exciting tour.

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John Terry said...

Thanx for all your comments. Very wellknown made. Is it really read like your comments. Travelers to Milan, Italy can enjoy the Alfa Romeo Museum located in Arese, Milan, Italy. The museum is in the former Alfa Romeo factory area and covers almost a century of Alfa Romeo history.

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